Sim card is not detecting after installing windows 10 ARM in POCO F1

Sim card not detecting after installing Windows 10 ARM (Renegade project) on poco f1.
I have a POCO F1.
I got to know Renegade project : Installing windows 10/11 ARM on Android device".
I installed windows 10 ARM on my POCO F1 with dual boot (windows+Android). After installing it a problem was created in my device that Sim card is not working in it.
In order to resolve this problem I flashed fastboot ROM by mi flash tool but the problem remained same. I am sure that my device hardware is totally fine.
I’ve tried following things: flashed stock ROM, removed/reinserted Sim, flashed custom recovery and custom ROM.
What should I do now ?

How to install dual boot ?

Did you ever tried to fix touch issue for poco f1 my device is supported for touch but i dont know how to flash provided image

by renegade

recover qcn

Bro…! I don’t know how to recover qcn. Plz send me any tutorial or some videos link to recovery qcn.

Good day the dualboot on that tutorial is working by booting windows and android ?

Is there any fix for touch functionality in POCO F1 windows 10/11 ?

Yes by flashing the devcfg partition and edit on the registry thats according to github i want to install windows on my poco f1 but i want to gather more information before installing it

this is for FTS Poco F1

Dual boot is working properly both android and windows

Whats the other issues on dual boot both winARM and android ?

The only issue I found that sim card is not detecting in any rom (stock or custom). To solve this problem I tried to flash many ROMs in my POCO F1 but problem was same Surprisingly in MIUI 13 POCO OS sim 1 got started but sim 2 didn’t. I’m trying my best to solve this problem till now. Someone suggested me to recover qcn so I will try it also. I will post the further result. Because I don’t have any laptop or computer so I have to borrow it from my friend :relaxed:

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But on windows os sim card is perfecly working ?

yes bro Sim card is working perfectly in windows OS. :+1:

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i know why Sim card is not detecting on Android OS because the cellular/data network is working on Windows OS i think if you recover QCN. The cellular/data network on windows OS will corrupt

this is working properly on android os like camera, bluetooth, wifi and more important feature on android os

It may be.
But I want my Android back to normal
Because there is no practical use of win os until touch functionality comes in it (for POCO F1). As You can’t bring your keyboard and mouse any time with you :wink:.

Touch on POCO F1 is working on ebbg/fts

All features are working in android perfectly except sim 2 slot(may be in my case).

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I will try it Also today. :+1: ebbg/fts

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Wow thats cool can you upload the adb tools, twrp and android os that you used to install dual boot can you guide me thanks in advance