1. How to install Windows10/Windows11?
    How to install Windows on Snapdragon 845

  2. Where can I download the Windows image?
    Where does the Windows image come from?

  3. Where can the boot image/firmware be downloaded?
    EDK2 for SDM845 Releases

  4. Does xxx phone support?
    Windows device support status

  5. Does HiSilicon Kirin/MediaTek/Allwinner/Unisoc/Exynos chip phones support it?
    Currently only supports Qualcomm Snapdragon series devices

  6. Can mobile phones with Snapdragon 835/845/855/865/888 chips work?
    Currently Qualcomm 845 works best, 855 can enter the system, and other chips are still being adapted.

(Continually updated…)

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Hello, do exapandable sd card slots work in windows? I want to buy a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 64GB and put a 500gb sd card in it but i want to make sure it will work in windows before i invest

not working yet

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Interesting you say that, because in this thead,

NEIL_OSCAR sais that his sim card was not reading in andoird os when duel booting but it was properly reading in windows 10 with the poco f1. Im interested to see if it works for me. I still have 30 days to return the card if not anyway so why not try it. Ill get my poco f1 next monday so ill test it out once i get windows installed

I wonder if it only works in windows 10 and not 11. Since Neil was on windows 10, did you test in windows 11 Sephon?

Im an idiot, sim card are not Sd cards…
A few more questions. Whats the progress on making sd cards work? Have you guys put any effort into it yet? Is it even possible?
Also, i know this is a free project but have you considered taking commissions? If you think you (or someone else on the project) could whip up a driver for the Sd card to work in a shorter time if pay were involved would you do consider it?

Please tell me :pray:
I’m really need to know
Can I install windows 11 or 10 on oneplus 11t and nova 5t if I can what is the best way and after all what limitations might be have in each one