WOA on Razer Edge (SD G3x Gen 1)?

Hi everyone! I’ve been following Renegade Project for a while, kudos to all the developers who made it possible, this is a technological marvel!

A couple weeks ago Razer launched an Android gaming/game-streaming handheld called Razer Edge:

ETA Prime made a video on it:

The thing has a detachable controller, alike Razer Kishi, so when not gaming, it could be used as a small tablet.

Its using Snapdragon G3x Gen 1, which, afaik, is somewhat architecturally close to SD Gen 1, right?

I was wondering if its possible to hack Windows on ARM on this?
That would be a small gaming beast!

No, it will be very hard to run Windows on SM84xx series (aka. Snapdragon xxx Gen 1)

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