The best device for this project?

Hey, I’m really interested in having a phone with Windows 11! Right now I only own an iPhone, obviously incompatible with this project. That’s why I want to buy a phone specifically for this purpose, but what would be the best one? I have looked at the Device Matrix for quite a while, up until I was going to buy the Xiami Redmit Note 9 Pro, which has a Snapdragon 720g which looked promising in the Matrix up until today… I can’t find the processor or the phone on the Matrix so I’m going to assume it wouldn’t work well. Since it updated there’s quite a few phones that look pretty compatible, but I’m not sure which one would work the best in the long run… any ideas?

Odin or Mi mix2s are the best ones. OnePlus6(T) is great as well.

In the long run, I recommend Mi Mix2s. @Sophon is working hard on it these days.

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lmfao it’s so huge xD
But thank you very much! I’ll probably save up for this one then!
Not sure if 6GB is enough for Windows 11 but I’m sure I’ll get by lol, storage doesn’t seem to be expandable but I guess a USB Stick can fix that

(Almost all hardware on an odin is working. But it seems to be too expensive)

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