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So i have been wondering, all of the supported phones right now have a snapdragon845 processor, my first question is why is that?? Secondly im using a galaxy A51 which i do like out of all the phones ive had its the one thats ran the fastest, smoothest and overall just a nice phone, however it runs a exynos 9611 processor, are there plans in the renegade projects future for exynos9611 support? Id love for there to be or is that just a pipe dream im having??

Let me answer your questions one by one:

  1. SD 845 was used in notebooks with UEFI BIOS with Windows 10 installed. So, it’s officially Windows compatible. Also, Qualcomm put XBL on mobile devices in the SD 845 SoC. XBL works by being modified as it is a UEFI-based bootloader.

  2. Exynos SoCs do not have a bootloader like XBL and have a complex bootloader. It can be said that the path has not been found yet.

Recommendation: You can try to enable virtualization (KVM) from your kernel and if successful, you can install Windows via QEMU.

I currently use a galaxy a51 so how could i go about unlocking kvm on it?? Ive heard kvm makes VMs run really good and ive wanted to do that but idk how, also how in the world do i install QEMU on my phone?? I tried termux but whenever id try to run the commands i got a bunch of errors and nothing i saw said anything about additional fials needing to be downloaded. I do know limbo supports KVM but again dont know how to unlock it, and not sure if doing so requires root or not

First root with Magisk. There are guides for this. Then download and install Termux’s APK file via F-Droid. Open it and type pkg install x11-repo. Then install qemu-system-x86_64 by typing pkg install qemu-system-x86_64. You can use VNC to get images. You also need EDK2 UEFI BIOS. You can find it on the internet by typing OVMF AMD64. Kernel file is required for KVM. You need to download it from Samsung Open Source and edit the kernel.