Redmi Note 10S (Secret/Rosemary) Kernel Compile

Hello. I downloaded Kernel for Rosemary/Secret from Xiaomi China’s official Github page. How can I compile? My device is rooted with Magisk and packages such as clang and binutils are installed via Termux. My goal is to enable virtualization (KVM). Thanks.

no, you can not enable virtualization because oem disabled it

What do you mean by OEM? Is Little Kernel (LK) turned off via MTK Preloader or EEPROM?

one of the important settings of virtualization is secure launch, which is turned off by oem. this setting is in the devcfg partition. the devcfg partition is signed by the oem’s certificate, and a device with secure boot enabled will refuse to boot if the signature verification fails.

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What should I do for this?

only turn off secure boot to modify devcfg, or oem leaked the certificate, or qualcomm’s verification is cracked

What you call Secure Boot is TWRP etc. Do you need AVB for it? Is that what we covered by modifying the vbmeta file? Also, Redmi Note 10S has MT6785 (Helio G95).

那个我的设备Secure Boot是关闭的我该怎么做才能开启KVM设备是845我听别人说他的845开发板都开不了难道845真的开不了吗(本人不会英文)