Hello the mi pad 5 has a snapdragon 860 in the device and it supports this project and my device Poco x3 pro has the snapdragon 860 too could i hypothetically boot the edk from the same as mi pad 5 (or maybe some snapdragon 855 edk as they are similar to 860) and if it doesnt work could it brick my device? Sorry if dumb question or i bother you.

Theoretically you may try to port the device following this guide edk2-sdm845 new device porting guide - EDK II UEFI - Renegade Project ( However our edk2-SM8150 project is not open source for some reason. 挂人区 evildoers - 挂人区 evildoers - Renegade Project ( You may turn to developers like @5_Super_Rookie_5 for help.

yes u can do it

@gaizer1007 Now the sm8150 UEFI is opensource.

AND the porting guide.