Please support new Samsung Tablets Tab S8 Ultra and Plus with Snapdragon 8 gen1

Please developers support the new Samsung tablets Tab S8 ultra and Plus. It would be great to run both android and windows 11 in those great fast tablets


That is hard

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I know but I am sure you guys can do it. This is the best android tablet to run windows 11 that has ever came out. Would be a dream machine dual boot windows 11 arm and android in this great hardware.


You can do it guys!

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any news on this for this tablet

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We’re all waiting!

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Waiting on this too! I got my tablet ready to try it

Yh that would be a great idea. And i know Microsoft has made the arm version available on android 13. Which i believe that Windows 11 is finally gonna work on my tab s8 ultra

Same for Tab S7 Plus, maybe it is easier to do on SD865. Since that is still a very capable tablet. Only damn thing i need is to have native VSCode and Chrome (for dev tools) :slight_smile: