Mi 8 (dipper) lost fastboot after installing windows

Hi bro.
I follow this video on youtube.

I used parted to rm from 1 to 21.
Then I created 4 parts as follows:

mkpart esp fat32 1611MB 2000MB
mkpart win ntfs 2000MB 47GB
mkpart pe fat32 47GB 48GB
mkpart userdata ext4 48GB 59.1GB

then I go to win PE and install win 11.
At this point, I see that my machine is still fastboot to boot image to boot win.

As you can see, I have created a part about 10Gb userdata.
I successfully entered windows 11.
and go to diskmanagement make part 10Gb userdata into NTFS format.

At that time, I rebooted and found that the device was no longer fastboot.

What should I do to get fastboot back?

Thank you all!!

Note: My machine can now login to windows.
I have seen in DISK 0, there is 1.5Gb of Unallocated format. I think it’s 1kb to 1611MB format I rm from 1 to 20 part.

It sounds like you have modified the disk size so that fastboot cannot enter and can only enter recovery. Is that OK?

If you don’t want to reinstall, I suggest you try DiskGenius to modify the new disk name and check whether the unallocated space can be formatted. Android does not allow any disk breaks. You need to ensure that all space is used normally before the end of the disk, and that there is no space in the disk name.

If you really can’t, delete the new disk and reinstall it. It is suggested that userdata should not be put last, but first.

May I ask: I rm from 01 to 21, then I make only 4 parts
(mkpart esp fat32 1611MB 2000MB
mkpart win ntfs 2000MB 47GB
mkpart pe fat32 47GB 48GB
mkpart userdata ext4 48GB 59.1GB)

Currently, I can only get into windows, as I see above, I understand that from 1mb to 1611mb is 1.5GB Unallocated at the beginning of disk 0.

Now, fastboot and recovery both cannot.

Is there any way to handle this? thank you

From the above picture, your system is blank, or left the previous Android system. I think you can try the following methods at present.

  1. If you have created partitions by yourself, please delete them, including userdata. Unclear partitions must be retained.

  2. If you deleted any partition by mistake, please add the deleted partition, such as the system partition, after deleting the partition you created yourself. mkpart system ext2 1611MB 7000MB

  3. Finally, add the userdata partition and restart it to the bootloader

  4. You can check your cell phone partitions to prove that you can enter at least one of these modes. I hope that is your cell phone partitions. You can try to use it to brush into the official rom.

  5. After the Android system starts normally, consider adding esp, pe, and windows

Once I successfully installed windows, I remember that I was still able to enter fastboot.
Then I accidentally formatted and installed the 10Gb user data part to NTFS format.

Then I couldn’t get into fastboot anymore. Recovery is even more impossible.

Currently, I can only boot into windows 11 or windows PE.

Can I execute commands like parted package directly on windows?

How can I get into fastboot again?

Thank you.

Your disk name has spaces. You can use DiskGenius to modify all your newly created disk names, such as PE, WIN, and ESP. If the ESP cannot be modified, you can enter the PE, assign a drive letter to the ESP, and then modify the name.