Lenovo yoga book yb1-x90f Atom Z5 change android to windows please check

hello, by any chance could you consider the tablet Lenovo yoga book android version yb1-x90f . this because they discontinued it fast but it has an atom z5 processor (it has an equal version in windows with the same features) so I know it could run windows but Lenovo did not leave the corresponding support to move it to windows. it is an incredible tablet and there have been developers at times but the files have been lost and I do not have so much knowledge to convert it to windows, I think it could be achieved with your knowledge. I value your efforts and I find it amazing. I am attentive to the forum. thank you very much and I hope it can be done.

你好,你能不能考虑一下联想瑜伽书安卓版yb1-x90f的平板电脑。这是因为他们停产的速度很快,但有一个z5原子处理器(在windows中有一个相同的版本,具有相同的功能),所以我知道它可以运行windows,但联想没有留下相应的支持,把它转移到windows。这是一个令人难以置信的平板电脑,有时也有开发人员,但文件已经丢失,我没有这么多的知识来转换为Windows,我认为它可以实现与你的知识。 我重视你的努力,我觉得它是惊人的。 我注意到论坛。非常感谢你,我希望你能。