Help, fastboot and edl gone.

Hi folks,
Thanks for a great project. While trying to install it on my Mix 2S, I got into this weird problem.
I will try to describe exactly what happened.

The symptoms:

  • I cannot boot into fastboot mode or edl mode. Recovery and android works fine, recovery is boot-polaris.img right now.
  • when trying to boot to fastboot or edl (9008) by using boot-polaris, it will boot straight to android
  • when trying to boot to fastboot using “adb reboot bootloader”, it will just hang at the logo screen (never reach fastboot)
  • I tried flash other roms but nothing fixed the issue. Btw, stock miui cannot start for some reasons, so I have to flash lineageos in order to use Android.

Here is what I think caused it (I’m 90% sure)

  • So when I was booting polaris with “fastboot boot boot-polaris.img”, and enable USB Mass Storage mode. my macos sees the phone but doesnt recognize the partitions and show me the dialog box to either “initialize”, “ignore”, or “reject”. And gosh I mis-clicked one time on the initialize button.

  • Then in my mac Finder and Disk Utility, there is a new volume appear as shown here

    Basically, what I understand is that macOS has somehow formatted that partition into FAT16 and mount it. The contents are shown in the image, and from what I googled, it seems to belong to /modem partition or something like that, I have no clue. The partition is named “Qualcomm sde” (shown in above images)

My thoughts

  • I think these are causing my mi mix 2s not being able to boot into fastboot or edl, I might be wrong
  • Android and recovery still works fine, so I really need to find out how to revert this back to normal.

Please help me guys, really desperate now, thanks a lot!

One of your partition name is probably modified into one with space inside, like “Basic Data Partition”, which will crash the fastboot application. Just try to find the partition and rename it

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DG/parted recommended

Can you elaborate, how to find that partition, and how to fix it properly? Thanks

Can you give a bit more guidance, thank you