Current Synaptics touch driver issues

The Synaptics touch driver by LumiaWOA group used on OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T is working but it has some issues:

  1. Inaccuracy in the touch area
  • This issue is fixable by using a registry tweak that adds the real resolution of the device’s panel to HKLM/System/TOUCH/
  1. Right clicking is missing a dead zone so it left clicks and jitters the cursor when holding the finger there
  • I tried asking for a solution but nothing yet
  1. The touch driver seems to die sometimes by itself, when switching to sleep mode (or by tapping with more fingers?)
  • There also isn’t any explanation or solution to this problem.

There could be more issues but these are the only ones that we know about right now.


These issues happen only on OnePlus 6/6T.
Everything seems to be fine on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (polaris)

issue 1. and 3. has been fixed for OnePlus 6/6T

I still facing issue 3. It seems the touch points froze when comes more fingers and sleep.(op6 with day23 gpu drivers). Should I update the drivers?

I updated the driver for both 6 and 6T on 23.8. so either you have still the old one or the new one is also still defective

I don’t know whether it’s sovled with the new driver. But I meet the same problem right now.
I’m almost sure that is caused by tapping with more fingers.

It would be really weird if it stopped happening to me with the new one and it started to happen to other people at the same time…

The Synaptics touch controller that OnePlus uses is really weird because these issues happen only here on OnePlus phones.

Which driver cuases this problem? The first one or the second?

oh, so you’re using the newer one right now
it’s the second one called “Synaptics RMI4 etc etc”

Great. Thank you! The new drive still has problem by tapping with more fingers.
Specially lock screen and put it into trouser pocket, then touch screen driver fails.

It’s really weird that the current driver doesn’t do it anymore for me.

Some updates about the SynapticsTouch driver:

All fixes are done in cooperation with itpedia and Gustave Monce

  1. I won’t be able to fix right clicking, atleast not yet
  2. Touch controller not working on replaced screens is fixed now.
  3. The issue with the driver dying is nearly fixed.

Expect a new driver in some time.


Some more updates about the SynapticsTouch driver:

  1. Still nothing new about the right clicking issue
  2. The driver doesn’t die anymore. (atleast for me)

So if you’re interested in trying the driver, download the WOA-Drivers package and install it.

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Hello Morc. Must I update the WOA-Drivers in WIN PE, or I can update in WIN11 with Dism++? Thank you.

It’s best to use Dism++ only in PE because dism by itself cannot update drivers in normal running Windows.

But updating the SynapticsTouch driver should work from Windows and you don’t need to go to PE

Thank you very much! The touch screen problem is solved perfectly. :grinning: :+1:

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