Can I translate a guide and Github page into Korean?

Hello, I’m a Korean who recently learned about the project and installed it and became interested in it.
Currently, the Korean IT community is also very interested in this project, and we would like to share this project with Korean devices such as LG and Samsung.
However, it is difficult to find out in detail due to the guide and project site currently only in Chinese and English.
So I’d like to translate and upload English and Chinese materials posted on Github, and ask if the administrator can add a Korean tag to the community tab.
When the Korean language community and GitHub are activated, it is expected that information will be exchanged on various devices such as V40, as well as the current status of devices with only G7 and Galaxy Note 9.
I’ll be waiting for a good answer.

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You can go to telegram or Tencent QQ group to ask the developers. PS:I can’t decide whether they’ll permit you. Or you can just @ strongtz and bigfoot


Any language can be added to our forum and official website