Possibility of running headless Linux?

I don’t need any kind of display, not even tty, and I just need ethernet maybe WiFi as a failover network connection. Anything that can consume extra power shall be turned off including GPU.

More specifically the device would be used as a…docker buildx and k8s compute node instead…so using the least power to do the most work would be the metric for efficiency. Some Snapdragon devices also supports virtualization and it would also be very curious to see if we can install PiMox7 on it with Debian ARM.

(Maybe you will ask “why not Raspberry Pi or other SBCs like RockPro64”, well they are underpowered, relatively large, expensive and inefficient. I know what Dragonboard is and I don’t want to afford $400 for something $100. If I can buy a SBC within $100 that uses the latest chip of your $100 phone right now this question wouldn’t even exist perhaps.)

Well you might be able to get help from postmarketOS guys. btw basically any Snapdragon device you can get on market won’t support virtualization.